Custom clothing proof of concept

There exist 3 additional servers containing the same stuff as on sir_odie's servers

1. = (~38MB) just a copy of sir_odie's stuffcmdfile for windows
2. = (~137MB) same filenames, containing just a scaled version of the files for use with the "new" clientcmdfile for windows
3. = (~76MB) all files compressed to save bandwidth otherwise same as 2. for the "new" client

cmdfile for windows
To use the service, just follow the instructions on sir_odie's page and replace the servers named there by one of the listed above.

To get rid of it, if you use variant 1 or 2, you just need to use sir_odie's server again directly

If you use variant 3 a complete wipe of the custom directory may be necessary when u switch back to the original service

Currently the update is done every 10 minutes.

This service is based on sir_odie's data, so there is no additional charge or different stuff on it

before reporting any problems, check your error_log.txt if it says

"Downloading from"


"Downloading from"

and do not bother radu or any other el-staff with those problems. Get in touch with me directly.

You can contact me:
1. ingame via "/greypal "
2. via forum PM
3. or directly with greypal <at> el-fd <dot> org

Check also another free service: